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How to Register online for the PHMAS Banquet

To register to an event at MyUventex with an existing account, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the MyUventex website and choose an event -
select your event listed on the page or find it with the help of the calendar.
You may also use the search box below the Upcoming Events:

2. After choosing an event enter your email and password and click Next Step.

(!) If you don't have an account yet, click on sign up now.

3. Once signed in, you will see your Event right away.
Your Profile information can be adjusted if
necessary (simply click on Profile to edit your information).
You can add people to you party or table simply
by clicking on the green tab under your name labeled "Add a Person.

4. When you are done adding all the members in your group
Check Banquet tab,
and Type name of the people you wish to be seated with.

5. Now you are at Tickets & Merchandise tab. Here you can
add some merchandise and add tickets for visitors coming with you.
Then click on Next.

6. You will see your Shopping Cart with Account
Total and an option to use a discount code.

below where appropriate.
If you agreed to Liability Waiver and you are 18 of age or older, click Pay by Card...

WAIT, for those of you who still wish to pay by check or cash, click on the PAY LATER TAB
This will reserve a chair for you and you will be added as
If payment is not received by via us mail or by you stopping in to
pay us in person, NO space will be held for you or your group!

8. Please enter your payment information and click Pay. You will receive an
email with your registration information.

9. Check your order details in My Order tab.
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