Camp Cheng's Young Film makers
Monday through Friday 8:00a - 5:00p

We've incorporated the Young Film makers into our  basic camp!
Movie making elsewhere is normally $400 to $1500 per two week session.
93%of those camps do not allow children under ten years old to take part.  
Here at Cheng's we include it Free with our basic camp!

Campers will also take part in regular camp activities such as crafts, science
projects, and problem solving. Our focus is not on how many field trips but in the
quality of learning and working together.

By the end of camp, students will have created a 5 minute video short by engaging
in script writing, story boarding, preproduction, production, and post-production.

Curriculum developed and overseen by a PA certified teacher. Each week might
include themes such as ocean, arctic, dragons, rain-forest, dinosaurs, superheroes,
Ninjas, space, etc...

Basic camp price of $18
0 per week
Young Movie Makers base price of $350
(now included FREE w/basic camp)
Non-refundable registration fee : $50/per child
Before-care @ $10 (7:4
5-8 am) and after-care @$10 (5-5:30 pm)
and $10 every 5 minutes after 5:30 pm.
Fees are based per child.

Important Notes:
*It is recommended that each child have basic knowledge of how to use
a computer or iPad but not necessary to enroll.
*We do not cover meals or snacks due to food allergies.
This also helps keeping our
cost to you down.

*All campers must bring sneaker everyday.

Your children are here to learning how to work together
and learn skills they can use everyday.

Please do not expect daycare activities, as we are not a daycare center.

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