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Cheng's Martial Arts School
Little Dragons                                   5-6  years old

This class teaches kicks, punches, & blocks by breaking each move into small segments
along with a few technique games designed to help the children begin to use their bodies in
more complex motions and hit targets with precision.
This is a transitional class for our younger martial artists who are not quite ready for the
beginner class.

Beginner Class          White -Orange 6y & up

An introduction program to basic techniques in kicking, punching, self defense, sparring, &
forms. Students will also learn self discipline, focus, & better their self esteem.

Intermediate Classes:
ALL Green Belts through Black belts

As students’ progress, they will begin to practice techniques in combinations, learn how to
apply controlled techniques with opponents, and continue learning new techniques.
(Black belts included)

Advanced Class-     Blue through Black Belt
Students who have progressed to the advanced level of martial arts are still requires to take
intermediate classes, while attending this advanced class.

Open Class                        All Ranks age 6 - up
A class for everyone to learn martial arts together. Many use this class as a make-up class if
they missed one.

Adult Class-                                         All Ranks
A program designed to incorporate physical fitness with practical martial arts self defense.

Traditional Judo - White – Black belt if only training in judo.
(Karate students must be yellow belt to begin)
It is designed for those who need to learn to defend themselves against larger and stronger
opponents.  One class a week is required for self defense.
No extra fee required if you are already enrolled in our program.

Women's Fitness     12 years old - Adult
This program, designed specifically for women, combines exercises from different styles to in-
crease endurance, energy, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Personal Training        All Ages
All of our instructors are available for personal training. Cardio? Endurance? Strength? Martial
Arts? Competition? Sparring? Whatever your needs are, we can match you to an instructor
that's right for you.           

Aikido                                13 years –Adult
A modern synthesis of ancient samurai fighting techniques as well as a philosophy of peace,
har-mony & self improvement.

Aikido can be used ef¬fectively as self-defense, but also develops calm¬ness, mental focus,
physical health & harmonious social relationships. (Mat fee)

NEW! Medieval European Martial Arts Guild-   12 years old and up
It was the aim of all involved to create a fellowship of dedicated researchers, practitioners,
students and instructors of Historical European Martial Arts who would aid each other in their
endeavors and help resurrect these lost arts.
Please Contact Nick Murro for details